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Pilots in Aircraft


NCOR’s secret to placement success lies in the branded tools we’ve systematized to develop, evaluate, source and deploy talent. NCOR prepares clients for professional career transitioning success by providing:


  1.  Assistance in developing personal portfolios and   CVs/resumes;

  2.  Information sessions on industry knowledge;

  3.  Career transition coaches and counselors;

  4.  Job placement mentors;

  5.  Year-long client monitoring and mentoring to promote   retention;

  6.  Training in business etiquette skills; and assistance with  relocation

Possible Employer Options for Different Placement

  • Drug Testing

  • Applicant Assessments

  • Driver's License

  • Relocation

  • Public Trust Clearance

We are Looking for Result Driven People Who are Passionate!

2022 -2023 HIGH-DEMAND  JOBS

1. Personal care aide

At the top of the list of highest-demand jobs is personal care aide. As the population ages, hundreds of thousands of these aides are needed to help people with daily living tasks like bathing, brushing teeth, or using the bathroom.

Total new job openings: 777,600

2. Fast food preparation and serving worker

This is one of those careers that will always be in demand as long as people continue to lead busy lives and opt for the convenience of take-out meals or quick-service restaurants..

Total new job openings: 579,900

3. Registered nurse (RN)

RNs evaluate patient symptoms, run diagnostic tests, administer medications and treatments, and teach patients how to manage illness. Nurses typically work in hospitals, doctors' offices, or specialized clinics.

Total new job openings: 438,100

4. Home health aide

The difference is that home health aides can also provide basic health services such as checking vital signs, administering medication, or helping with simple exercises (under the supervision of a nurse).

Total new job openings: 431,200

5. Applications software developer

These professionals create, test, and fix the software that people use, which could be anything from simple mobile games to complex accounting programs.

Total new job openings: 255,400

6. General manager

These executives are responsible for developing strategy, creating budgets, and scheduling staff. You'll need strong leadership abilities to take advantage of the opportunities in this field. Many general managers have advanced degrees.

Total new job openings: 205,200 (for all general and operations managers)

7. Material mover

Virtually every sector of the economy relies on the efforts of these workers to manually move freight, stock, and other goods into and out of trucks, ships, warehouses, loading docks, and production areas.

Total new job openings: 199,700

8. Medical assistant

These professionals perform a range of clinical and administrative tasks, from cleaning wounds and collecting specimens to updating patient records and processing insurance claims.

Total new job openings: 183,900

9. Waiter or waitress

Full-service restaurants will continue to need waiters and waitresses who can serve food and drinks and ensure that patrons have a pleasant dining experience. That could mean offering menu suggestions to people with allergies or recommending a wine to go with a customer's meal. Many servers earn a large portion of their compensation through tips.

Total new job openings: 182,500

10. Computer user support specialist

Also known as help desk technicians, these specialists field calls from computer users who are experiencing technical trouble. Total new job openings: 72,100

Average salary: $55,050

11. Computer systems analyst

Computer systems analysts examine a business's information systems and procedures with an eye to helping the company use technology more efficiently and effectively.

Total new job openings: 54,400

12. Systems software developer

Consumer electronics like computers, phones, and tablets don't run without operating systems created by systems software developers.

Total new job openings: 47,100

13. Information technology (IT) manager

Planning and directing the computer-related functions of a business is the main role of IT managers.

Total new job openings: 44,200 (for all computer and information systems managers)

14. Accountant

As governments enact new financial laws and regulations, accountants will be increasingly needed to help companies comply with the new rules.

Total new job openings: 139,900 (for all accountants and auditors)

15. Market research analyst

Understanding consumer behavior can help companies craft effective marketing strategies, which is why market research analysts are on the list of in-demand jobs.

Total new job openings: 138,300

16. Medical secretary

Maintaining medical charts, scheduling appointments, and billing patients are some typical tasks of medical secretaries.

Total new job openings: 129,000

17. Management analyst

Management analysts examine a company's finances and procedures to root out inefficiencies and find ways to become more competitive.

Total new job openings: 115,200

18. Financial manager

Analyzing and protecting the financial health of a business is the primary task of financial managers.

Total new job openings: 108,600

Average salary: $146,830

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