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About  NCOR  Staffing

NCOR Staffing is committed to finding that unique opportunity just for you...

Among NCOR Staffing's clients are some of the largest companies in the nation. In order to stay competitive and remain globally competitive, these companies rely on us to provide them with the most committed and qualified talent. With our help, you will find your first job or your next job that will advance your career. Getting your resume in front of corporate decision makers is the key to getting your first job or your next job. With seasoned recruiters, who have done the work and understand what it takes to be successful in most industries, we are skilled at placing people in jobs. In addition, we offer many resources to job seekers and support them in their career pursuits.                     

                 Apply today and let us get you started on your future plans.

In a Meeting

Our Vision

To inform, educate, and inspire people to reach their professional goals


Mission:  To be the leader in human and

organizational evolution

We believe all individuals can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world.


Staffing isn't just about finding an individual to fill a spot; on the contrary, it is a process that leads to the successful beginning for the well-equipped.  




  1. Building cooperative agreements with local communities and businesses

  2. Offering a variety of placement opportunities that fit both the client and management

  3. Sharing knowledge of today’s labor markets and trends

  4. Completing career assessments—interest profile, self-assessment, skills profile & personality assessment

  5. Developing preliminary goals for both employer and candidate

  6. Teaching candidates how to sell their ability to learn and how to articulate their own story

  7. Offering specialized knowledge and global research as a recruitment resolution

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Our Mission

Let Us Help You Reach Your Career Potential

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